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 What was once our personal vision for our own electric transportation became the vision of Electric Vehicle Concepts. In the 1970's there were little to no electric vehicles offered in the United States. The kitcar industry was in it's infancy. With our car building history and knowledge it seemed accurate to begin offering electric Kitcars. As with any new company there is the desire to do things different  and better to stand alone in any industry. The concept was to offer no maintenance exotic kitcars and custom hotrod replicas. Using the most suitable mass produced factory chassis's converted to electric propulsion. Hence , Electric Vehicle Concepts was born.

For near forty years E-V Concepts has been offers complete electric conversions services of original manufactures vehicles, vintage hotrods and replica kits. With our association with  Spherical Fiberglass Designs  we began designing our own unique custom creations along with using some of the fiberglass replicas created by other kitcar manufactures. For the past thirty plus years we have continually been designing prototype electric vehicle concepts mounted on custom built chassis's or OEM chassis's. Most all of our design concepts are commissioned by individual clients and other companies from around the world.

Porsche was one of the originals to combine the gas and electric motor for propulsion in the 1800's. E-V Concepts hybrid propulsion systems have worked well for over 25 years and hybrid designs are now being used by other auto manufactures in the past several years. It is our personal preference to use a larger battery pack and not have to use the internal combustion engine at all. The studies show that 90% of our daily automotive travels are under 20 miles a day. Until recently  lead acid and nickel metal hydride were the only battery chemistries used in the electric vehicle industry. For the last fifteen years Chevron Oil has held the patents for the large format nickel metal hydride batteries designed for electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Concepts combines the best of both worlds. The hybrid plug-in electric vehicle with a battery pack that can travel over 100 miles per charge and the ability to switch to the hybrid mode and use the gas or diesel engine when desired. Using an internal combustion engine to charge the batteries or propel the vehicle. E-V Concepts hybrids can have unlimited driving range with the advantages of a pure electric vehicle. The use of a small engine and electric motor at constant highway speeds creates excellent fuel economy .

The chief knock on electric vehicles has always been that they don't have enough range for the general public. With the advent of the lithium batteries used in our cell phones and laptops we can create a battery pack with over a 200 mile range.

The Lithium batteries are smaller with greater energy density and less weight. The no maintenance Lithium batteries combine superior run time and longer life cycles to replace the dominance of lead acid batteries. We can extend the range more than 75% over lead acid packs using Lithium battery packs . In the last few years the cost and performance has improved and continues to get better.

Our main concern at E-V Concepts is safety. The lithium powered cars weigh less than the same gas powered car. The lead acid battery car conversion weighs over 1000 pounds more. There are some trucks designed to carry an extra 1000 pounds safely but not your average commuter vehicle.

For the past ten years E-V Concepts has been testing the different lithium batteries available. Besides our bench testing we have had two identical cars to compare the life cycles and performance of lead acid batteries against the lithium batteries. Weight and aerodynamics are the key to using less energy with any propulsion system. As the lithium battery pack weighed 25% that of the lead battery pack. So we are able to use fewer lithium batteries to produce the same acceleration and range as the heavier lead acid battery pack. The handling, performance and driving safety is much better in the lighter lithium powered car. We have found that the lithium battery have three times or more the life span and cycling abilities than the new lead acid batteries. The lithium batteries are more cost effective and much safer. The Lithium batteries have less internal resistance and can be  recharged faster without over heating.

Economical and Ecological Advantages Electric Vehicle Concepts owners are eligible for state and federal tax credits and are exempt from some excise and luxury taxes. Drive in carpool lanes with one occupant and enjoy free parking in some of the most heavily trafficked areas of their states. California, New York, Massachusetts and other states have had Zero-Emission Vehicle Programs since the early 1990's. Because battery electric vehicles in those states, taking into account power plants, are far cleaner than gasoline cars in reducing urban air pollution and smog. - The Air Resources Board studies show that battery electric vehicles emit at least 67% lower "greenhouse gases" than gasoline cars.

- Lifetime service cost is very low do to the simplicity of electric propulsion systems.

 -Your electric vehicle battery pack has the ability to supply power to your home for weeks during any power black outs.

-You have the choice to take advantage of tax credits and use solar or wind power generation to charge your storage batteries to your transportation and housing needs.

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