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E-V Concept  Designs - Prototypes

Concept Designs and prototypes commissioned by Clients

What was once our personal vision for our own electric transportation became the vision of Electric Vehicle Concepts. In the 1970's there were little to no full sized freeway capable electric vehicles offered in the world. Today in 2022 we are still designing and building electric vehicle concepts and electric kit cars for private individuals and other companies from around the world.

In 1973 our first fiberglass body design was commission by the king of Thailand (minister of finance) for the country. Some of his staff saw some of our electric conversions while in the United States. He wanted to produce some EVs in his country. Very progressive for 1972.

I had the freedom to create my own design.

This was not a copy of the real Ferrari BB512 (Boxter Berlinetta). This was our own creation using the features I loved about the BB512 Ferrari. We have used the molds for numerous other builds.


The Rixter roadster. This concept retro roadster was named after the client Rick R--- that commissioned the build in 1988. The concept was to blend the old vintage 32 low boy roadster with modern aerodynamic concepts.

Very few people would have seen a sixty year old 32 Ford. So this made it a new concept to most people. Being electric powered was a thing of the future. We might call it a retro mod now days. We have used the molds for a number of builds. With a change of fenders, tops and noses it was unique for each client.



The Sigma GTE and E-Varri motorcycle electric concept designs were commissioned by a Brazilian biodiesel manufacture. Their vision was to bring an exotic electric car to the world market in 1992.

This was ten years before any other companies like the Tesla Roadster was introduced. The U.S. company AC Propulsion in the early 2000s was the designer of the Tesla Roadster (Lotus Elise).

The Sigma was designed for international sales and the high speed autobahn of Europe. This was the start of the lithium battery age. The electric car could now be lighter and still have good range in colder weather.

The Sigma GTE was designed as all wheel drive. One drive motor on the front axle and one motor on the rear axle. This gave the car good traction on ice covered roads and twice the power of any electric cars seen at that time. Twenty years later we see two motor AWD as rather common on expensive EV's.

We had been racing our electric conversions against gas cars in the 1970's. This Sigma GTE was the most powerful road course racer we had ever designed and more torque than any gas production car of the time


The company continuing to want to play and decided to build an electric motorcycle. The concept digital designed drawings came from an Israeli design engineer. They had no affiliation with Ferrari.

Electric kit car

First fiberglass body design by Electric vehicle Concepts.

Electric Rixster Roadster

Rixster Roadster



1992 - 2000
Sigma GTE 

E-varri motorcycle

Sigma GTE


Sigma GTE

Electric motorcycle

1996 E-Varri

Electric Ferrari Motorcycle


The Lightning electric motorcycle is what they called it. A electric start up company from Florida. They brought me a custom pro street Harley rolling chassis and some conceptual drawings. I build the plug for the molds on the chassis. Made body parts from the molds. Created the 120 volt electric drive systems using the A123 spiral Lithium ion cells.


The Facade was our only four door concept. The design was put together by a European import export company. The original design build was done using the Dodge Intrepid. The cab forward design created by the association of Lamborghini designers when Lamborghini was owned by the Chrysler corporation. This was now the hybrid array. The next donor vehicle was the Honda Civic four door hybrid.


A company from Atlanta Georgia asked for a electric vehicle concept. They called it the Black Mamba after the deadly snake. Some design changes were made from the original drawing.

The project was not 100 percent complete as the company members fell out of funding.

The car ran but the doors were not finished as intended in the drawing.

Seemed common as everyone is excited in the beginning.



Custom design rendering of the Lamborghini Reventon.

Only 11 of the original gas supercars were built at over a million each. We created a mold from the pictures on the internet. So this is not a direct copy. The donor car was a another cab forward design, Honda Civic. Actually only the green house was used with the doors. The bottom of the car was cut off under the door line and a new chassis build with the electric drive on the front wheels using the Civic sub frame, transmission and adjustable suspension.



This was a redesign of a 38 Ford delivery van we did more than ten years earlier. The intent here was to use a mass produced front wheel drive vehicle so once the gas tank was removed we could lower the floor and add a wheel chair ramp up the back.

This was done with a PT Cruiser. All done in steel but the fiberglass fenders that were modified from other parts we had. Molds were made from there. We had done a PT cruiser electric conversion earlier in our history.

Commissioned by an elderly friend for his wife.


The Reverse trike (motorcycle). Design and production under construction since 2020. There have been a number of reverse trikes coming to market. Gas and electric versions. Most have come and gone. Manufacturing the three wheeled vehicle in the United States is considered a motorcycle and does not come under the safety standards and crash testing four wheeled vehicles do. We want to use an electric donor vehicle that is mass produced. Our first choice was the Fiat 500E. We have the new electric Mini Cooper that sits lower as a great option. Both with front wheel drive.


There have been a number of other electric vehicle concepts over the years that are not part of this page. most can be found in other parts of this website.


Since 2015 we have seen the worlds best mass produced Lithium Ion cells that now cost less than our lead acid battery technology. This has really opened up a new world for electric propulsion of all kinds of vehicles.

Lightning Electric motorcycle


Lightning Pro Street

electric hybrid facade


Facade - Four door hybrid

Mamba electric car concept


Mamba original drawing

1- Mamba-concept - Copy.jpeg


Finished model




wheel chair van ev


Handicap Wheelchair van

Rear ramp

PT Ramp.jpg
Mino-Reverse trike - Copy.jpg


Three wheeled motorcycle

Reverse Trike

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