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Electric Kit Cars - Customs

        In the 1980's Electric Vehicle Concepts created the City Car line.

Offering electric powered kit cars and customs has always been our direction.

The Ten fiberglass designs and molds below belong to Electric Vehicle Concepts

Fiberglass reproductions and vintage customs from the past.

E-V Concepts has created many fiberglass concept designs that are unique in the world . We have had numerous clients around the world over the past fifty years. Some of our clients have chosen to use fiberglass replicas of some of the vintage classics. Some have requested for E-V Concepts to create their own one off electric custom designs.

There have been and still are many replica kit cars available for electric conversions. Electric conversions to a unique classic or vintage replica is a great way to bring life back to these vehicles at a low cost in comparison to restoring the gas drives without dated technology. All gas vehicle are a maintenance problem if they are not used regularly. An electric conversion of your favorite toy will keep your maintenance low and enjoyment high for years.

The replicas below are some of the kit car designs by other manufactures in the world. There are many body styles that we have not used in electric conversions. These are some of the popular replicas of foreign and domestic car manufactures that we have used over the years.

For near fifty years E-V Concepts has been designing and building electric kit cars and vintage hot rods, along with electric conversions services of original manufactures gas vehicles. With our association with  Spherical Fiberglass Designs  we began designing our own unique fiberglass custom concept bodies along with using some of the fiberglass replicas created by other kit car manufactures.

The kit car industry was in it's infancy in the United States. We had our own race car facility where we were building stock cars for the NASCAR racing series for our own team and others. It seemed reasonable to begin offering electric kit cars. Electric Vehicle Concepts was born.

Vintage Hot Rods continue to be one of my favorite design areas. Growing up in the 50's and 60's these were the cars we could afford at a young age. Hot rodding and customizing was part of the daily entertainment. Making the electric conversions was just part of the entertainment.


Still now in 2020 we have created some new electric resto mods. Most all our electric custom builds are designed around modern mass produced vehicles. Using the modern safety features like airbags, anti lock brakes and traction control are things the cars from the 60's and 70's were not required to have. Modern suspension and drive trains have improved from the early days. Making the electric conversion is just the modern drive choice.

We are still here in 2020 offering our electric car building services. Give us a call or email if you are interested in building a unique electric vehicle.

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