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Electric Motorcycles / Reverse Trikes

It was the early 1990's that the portable hand tool manufactures began using the A123 lithium spiral 26650 cells. This was our first chance in the USA to have mass produced lithium cells. With only one to two amps per cell it took a lot of cells to get some range and higher voltage to get decent power.

The 36 volt Dewalt batteries were well packaged and came with BMS (battery Management Systems) for each of the ten cells. Having a battery charger that was smart enough to shut down was another plus. Putting two of the 36 volt packs in series did get 72 volts. That was pretty fair for motorcycle power. We did manage to create 144 volts for some smaller car packs. That was a lot of work.

Victory_Concept-4r - Copy.jpg

New Hybrid Cruiser

Nice to have something with unlimited range to cross the country with. Nice to be in some nation parks running in electric silence. All electric drive with range extender on board.


New hybrid Reverse Trike

Fun to do something different once in a while.

Modern E-Bikes

Evarri (Electric Motorcycle)

Commissioned by a Brazilian Biodiesel manufacture. Looking back over the past fifty years there was only about 1 out of 100 builds that were house builds. Some thing you do for yourself and not client owned.

Vintage Customs

Lightning (Electric motorcycle)

Customizing my car and motorcycles started in my teens of the 60's. Had my pan head Harley custom then. Still enjoy designing and building the vintage customs. Using electric propulsion just adds to the entertainment.

Reverse Trikes

1 - 007 Mino-Reverse trike - Copy.jpg

Building electric motorcycles using lead batteries was a waste of time. The early golf Carts were three wheeled vehicles. They were designed to carry the lead batteries. The three wheeled vehicles offer more options.

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