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  Electric Yacht Conversions

                       The love for Water Sports

Always been near the ocean and water all my life. Surfing before going to high school classes many mornings. Late for school most days. Left southern California in early 80,s. Went to Florida pan handle of Destin, Fa. gulf coast for five years. Contracting and racing. Left for Lake Norman, north of Charlotte, NC to be closer to the heart of NASCAR teams. I became to old to go stock car racing and moved to Charleston SC in the late 90's. Charleston is one of the oldest and largest ports on the east cost of the United States. A great place to do electric conversions in sailing yachts.

Steve's E-Yacht.JPG


Test driving some one else's million dollar sailing yacht with an E-V concepts hybrid electric conversion is a great way to spend your time.


Day Sailor Electric Conversion Kits


Electric conversions of the day sailors and non planing hulls is a great idea. One of the great advantages of electric drives is the low maintenance. Most boats or yachts do not get used that often. The biggest problem is the fuel systems causing trouble from none use. Most all yachts are self contained and have generators.


Electric Yacht conversion.JPG

We have created a number of electric conversion kits for mid sized sailing yachts. Our electric conversion kits are complete with all components and batteries to fit in the same location as the original engine and transmission. Since the electric motor can reverse it's rotation electrically there is no need for a transmission.

Yact Motor coupling.JPG

The Electric conversion kit has adjustable feet on all four corners to get proper shaft alignment and side arms to connect to the factory motor mounts. The most efficient propeller speeds are less than 1000 RPM. The electric motors can deliver full torque at less than 1000 RPM. No reduction transmission is needed.

Conversion kit components.JPG

The electric conversion kits were self contained. Every thing to sit in the same location as the original engine and transmission. AC to DC inverter was also added to convert the battery power to 120 AC current for other appliances.

Reversing contactor.JPG

All components were designed to work with the existing cables and wiring that was used for the petrol engine. Throttle cable and other gauges. Reversing contactor is used to change rotation of the motor eliminating the transmission.

Conversion Kit crate.JPG

Electric sailing Yacht electric conversion kit. Crated for shipment. Most systems were designed from 70 to 120 volts. Many AC appliances can run on DC or AC without the use of inverters. Secondary battery packs were usually used.

Complete restorations and electric conversions for sailing yachts.

Electric conversion 65'.JPG


Complete rebuild and electric conversion of 1979 Tarton 62 foot offshore racing sail Yacht. This was a stripped down international racing yacht. The original owner wanted it converted to be a live aboard cruiser.

Yacht rewire.JPG

Every thing was gutted from the interior. Every bit of wiring and all components were updated and upgraded to the latest and greatest.


Electric yacht.JPG

This was more than a year long project. Some long days sitting at the navigation station soldering. All sails and wenches were manual. Now they were all electric. Electrics included the electric hybrid drive system.

Electric Yacht (2).JPG

It took more than a few years for this restoration. Using a crane to lower the generator and electric motor down thru the hatch. Since all plumbing was electric that was something I took on also.

Yacht interior.JPG

All water and sewer is pumped electrically. Two AC and heat systems. Electric water maker and hot water heater. Fans, lights, stereo, satellite antenna and radio.

Yacht chargers.JPG

Two chargers. One for shore use and one for high power generator power. This charger made enough power to propel the yacht.

electric boat

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Electric Kayak


With our new sealed light weight lithium ion cells the use of battery powered Kayaks are easier to maneuver with longer run time.

Electric Jet ski's

There are more private lakes and water ways that are restricted to gas powered water craft. The lithium battery age made many things possible that were not before. Jet Skis being one of them.

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